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new life..

today I belief is a good start for everyone to go through a new life, either in a good way or the other way round..
obviously, im a kickstarter who have just create this totally new blog ..how's im feeling? neither good, nor bad,..just a cliche' feeling for being thrown in this blog, by the influence my chaletmate gave in 5mins ago..

so, lets go through the induction..im freaking bad in english, compared to all my colleagues here..in the college.pretty obvious isn't it?-sigh-..Thus it is my first intention amongst all, to iMprOve my EnglisH..  the second one,amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern city, i ought to have some sort of a sharing session here, so it would at least lower down the turbulence in my life, in a way that it decreases my brain's mess..so, i would highly appreciate if there is somebody to comment on my post so that i will not find blogging is the key to boredoom, instead is a very exciting place to share thoughts..is there anybody who wants to post some comments?? only god knows..
huhu, but  still i give a high expectation to all of you people..  

 That's the introduction, and now, comes my first topic to share with u guys. Do anybody recognise a college names KOLEJ YAYASAN UEM?..a college full of miracles, love, and enthusiasm..
obviously, im one of the lucky student to be here..its quite a deserted college in the middle of no where, but don't jump so fast to a conclusion,cause its a great nice gregarious place to be..
basically, the building is merely  ordinary buildings that make up the academic block, it labs, and the sciences labs..not untill ur eyes stumbled into the chalets that accomodate all the students here..
in there, you'll find a common room, 2toilets and 4 rooms..
every single students ought to live in it..
each for one student..huh,,i found it fantastic here..believe me, not a single student would ever complaint about its facilities..its to COMPLETE to be criticised..untill now, i keep on thanking God, for placing me here..not only for all the bombastic facilities, but also the study facilities itself..
huh, thats all for today..


zulikhwan said...

hahah... selepas stalk ngko, baru aku jumpa blog nie n im da first one yg komen...

gud job n keep it up :-)

msn_mz said...

i am so proud of you,petbro!

msn_mz said...

zuli stalker!!!!!!!

Raihan Ramli said...

hmm...turbulence? way to go..it's so obvious that u're an engineering student..haha..congrats for having a blog..=) n all da best in ur future undertaking...may Allah bless u in whatever u do =)

Kamal Ariffin said...

wuoh!xtau plak ko ade blog nih, hahaha..
tgk dr blog ko yg ni je da tau engkish ko lagi hebat dr aku, hua3
banyak giler perkataan yg ko gune tp aku x penah pown gune, hua3
turbulence?gregarious, amidst?fuh!
blogging is a good way to improve english proficiency as well as vocabulary, maybe not so much on proficiency, wahahaha
goodluck in ur new college, have fun studying=D

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